Forced Performance 3794 HTA


The FP HTA™ GT3794R turbocharger is the next step beyond the FP HTA™ GT3586R in power production within the GT35R footprint. It combines the greater turbine flow found in the GT37 with the 90lb/min flow rating of the 94mm HTA™ compressor. The compressor wheel measures 67.5mm inducer and 94mm exducer. The turbine wheel measures 72.5mm inducer and 66.5mm exducer.

This unit has a standard GT35R configuration, so it can easily replace an existing GT35R without modifying the header or manifold. It is available in either 3" vband or 3" 4 bolt outlet. No other turbine housing options are available at this time.

This turbocharger is recommended for applications running 40psi boost pressure that target the 800-900whp range. The FP HTA™ GT3794R has exceeded 900whp easily during testing as well has running 8's in the quarter mile with trap speeds in excess of 160mph.