TVR Speedsix – STVR

TVR Speedsix – STVR


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Syvecs working with Racing Green Cars bring the TVR Engine Range up to the modern level of engine management. Increasing MPG, Horsepower, drivability, engine protection and safety.

To provide this enhanced level, a number of key components are provided with the Tvr Packages.- 4 x Wheel Speed sensor and Loom
- 1 x Cam Sensor and Loom
- 1 x Wideband Knock Sensor and Loom
- 1 x Wideband lambda Sensor and Loom
- 1 x Idle Control Valve
- 1 x Syvecs Calibration Switch

With the Above fitted the Syvecs Package brings the following improvements over the standard management.

* Sequential injection – Reduced Emissions, Increased MPG
* Individual Cylinder Knock control – Remove Detonation Instantly
* Adjustable Traction control
* Adjustable Live map changing to allow Lean Cruise, Adjustable power levels, Fuel octane managment, Antitheft, Launch Control and much more.
* Ability to run flex fuel strategy (allowing e85)
* Closed Loop Wideband Lambda Control
* Closed loop idle control management for improved cold running
* Engine Trips monitoring Oil pressure, coolant temp, oil temp to protect the engine fully.
* Much larger Map resolution for enchanced driveability
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